“You are so damn gorgeous, women!”

I was sitting on a bench in Auckland enjoying my coffee latte with soya milk because fresh air and sitting outside is something us, blessed people living in Middle East can’t really afford, with two small bags. In one I had some 25$ shoes I fall in love with, in other some yoghurt and detergent, nothing much when one of the many homeless people around approached me…

There is so many people living on the street in Auckland, if I wasn’t raised in Montenegro, where next to my entrance homeless labor workers were always sipping beer, looking at us with some fire in their eyes, always fighting and screaming while waiting for someone to pick them up and give them some job (until one of our mayors made them go across the street and stand there but by that time I was already all grown up) and where on the children playground were thrown dozens of needles from last night heroin injections covered with blood and some liquid inside who no one ever cleaned up (heroin was pre cocain era, was cheap and fast so many of my neighbors died at age of 25 and earlier), where every week there was another bombing or car accident, where every other day a drugged grandson will rob his grandmother, where my father will come drunk from work and break whatever he sees in house (with no money or intention to fix it)….

Yup, someone might be scared by homeless people in Auckland… Not me… I overcome it… one of those days I stopped running the stairs scared that one of those homeless labour workers next to my entrance will go after me: one of those days I stopped running, I just climbed those (my gramps always counted exactly 54 stairs to the third floor where our apartment is – communist buildings didn’t have no elevators) and become fearless… now I have to say thanks God I was born there?

So than while I was enjoying my coffee, and that enjoyment you can’t explain to anyone because for us in Montenegro is a tradition, is an orgasmic experience, is unimaginable that even one day will pass without having at least one 2h coffee break in one of your favorite spots outside of your house, a homeless man came to me. He sat on the bench, obviously drugged and ask me for money. I said I don’t have cash and I wasn’t lying. He said at least some food so I grabbed the first thing I got. Was a pack of 4 yogurt probiotic strawberry drink pack (that a homeless man definitely wouldn’t need) but he put his nose inside my bag and saw there was only sweet chili and sour cream rice crackers so yoghurt sounded as a better option and he took my 4 probiotic life saviors (air hostesses eat shitty food so this is kind of help I’m lying to myself and grab it any country I go to balance the diet) and than he left. At first I was like thanks God I have that Greek yoghurt down there in the bag where he couldn’t see it cause I’m not going back to that supermarket…

Than my mind just went, you know when you do something good than u reverse should I have done it while looking all those other people around me he approached and who were nodding their heads giving him nothing…

And than two other homeless girls were passing a minute after he left just next to me, one of them screamed at me: “You are so damn gorgeous , women! ” … I smiled, from inside, I smiled from my soul and said thank you… To Good, to life, to moment, to this women, to myself.

I was sitting there in my Calvin Klein hoodie from Chicago Macy’s from which they never removed the beeping thing so I cut it off with knife and made a hole. After that I just used it as pajama to sleep in it in the aircraft bunk at long haul flights – because I don’t wear torn things no way 😉 (you know air hostesses sleep in the plane right, just above your heads), I had enormous under eye circles from jet leg and an entire night of not sleeping and hair all over the place, but there at that bench with a half finished coffee and two plastic bags with all those birds around me… I felt gorgeous…

Happiness is everywhere, just open your eyes.

Thank you homeless women, you are gorgeous too!



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