Outsiders Input

I hear some noise coming…

  • Why you didn’t save more money?
  • Why are you still dating that guy?
  • You are going out too much!
  • Why are you still doing that job?
  • Why you don’t come back home?
  • Why you didn’t get married?
  • Are you planing to have kids at all?

And… When to show a middle finger?

With IG, Facebook, our privacy published and modified by us, people have their nose in our backyards much more than earlier. We say we hate it but we keep showing off, posting, boosting our Instagram friend list, photoshopping our weight and pimples. This is what we want, this is what modern society wants so than there is a price to pay.

We give people the power, we boost them with our private life’s information and make them as judges. We give them material to gossip about (yes exactly the “motivational quote” u post after fight or disappointment, than new dress bought right after breakup or another follow after night out, or unfollow afterwards).

You made it!

We gave information to outside worlds exactly in shape of picture of ourselves we want people to have and than poisoned our ears with all those comments coming.

The question is:

How do we remain SANE?

Well since close your ears and don’t mind them all is not going to work, the answer is simple: just SHUT UP and SHOW THE MIDDLE FINGER!

Take your precious self in front of mirror, remain quiet for a minute and decide: what do you want? What is the best for you? How do you feel like unmarried, with few kilograms extra or that pimple at the middle of your nose? You want to change something? Than move your lovely ass and work on it!

Adulting is same like high school, there will always be some bullies, some less and more smart, some shadows from the corner, some whose life is portrait to be perfect, but does it matter at the end? You matter!

Have a nice day beautiful souls!

XO Jelena

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